Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Politicians is Stoopid

It seems a favorite weaseling exercise of political candidates is to get all holy when it turns out some unsavory people have donated to the campaign. Once an uproar starts over donations from such unsavories, it seems obvious you would just say "I'm not interested in appealing to that group, but if they want to donate, that's good for us"!

Of course, expecting anything intelligent from a political campaign is like expecting Coca-Cola from milking a cow. No, they always do the ridiculous thing, because they are catering of course, to the average moronic voter. They "return" the donation to the unsavories.

Every time I hear about it, I lose a little more faith in humanity. Isn't it obvious that this is exactly the same as contributing to the unsavory cause? Why don't you give them back twice what they donated to really show them you hate their kind of hate?