Friday, September 28, 2007


Airport "security" is a giant charade. Totally out of context, here is a response I posted on /. concerning that:

The "politician's fallacy":

  1. Something must be done!
  2. This is something.
  3. Therefore, it must be done!

The first problem is that the government's "solution" is not a solution, it is demonstrably completely ineffective.

Second, there is indeed a trade-off between wasting enormous amounts of time and resources and saving lives. Most likely, if all motor vehicles were governed to be unable to exceed 15 MPH, there would be almost no deaths due to motor vehicle accidents. But would it be worth it?

Third, there's this little concept called liberty that no one seems to be able to grasp anymore. Does it ever occur to anyone but me and Archie Bunker that if the TSA wasn't so committed to disarming all the good people, that any hijacker would have a lot more to worry about than he does now?


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