Friday, September 21, 2007

Boston, home of the frightened ninnies

So, those ever-vigilant terrorist-fighters in Boston have foiled another evil terrorist plot. Some loony college chick dressed up in a circuit board with some flashing lights, and was almost killed by the ever-vigilant Boston cops (motto: "Blinking lights are the surest sign of a terrorist bomb!")

The sheer insanity of the Boston police just defies my ability to mock it. You should recall that the whole city was put in a state of siege recently when Cartoon Network distributed some advertising in the form of small boxes with some blinking lights. What kind of inbreeding has led to this level of idiocy? They actually let their Chief of Police go on national media and state that he was willing to shoot this poor girl dead because he was so sure she must have a nuclear bomb stuffed between her boobs.

It's the blinking lights, you see. They're a dead giveaway. All terrorist bombs have exposed circuit boards, and those blinking lights.

I suggest he just close the city. It's just too dangerous to allow people to just wander about, and you never know when they might whip out some blinking lights again.


At 21 September, 2007 20:38, Blogger Old Cranky Redneck said...

Wow. I just read through the comments on the article, and I'm really depressed. It's about 75% in support of the imbecile police. It seems that no silliness can be tolerated. How can so many people still live in complete irrational fear all the time?

Anyone that thinks there was the slightest possibility of harm from this girl and her weird device is just too stupid to live.

Ever wonder how Nazi Germany came to be. Here we go again; just watch.


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