Monday, March 26, 2007

Right to Bear Arms

I just posted this on /.:

If the US Constitution meant anything at all beyond the layout of the 3 branches, then there would be no need for all this torturous parsing of the 2nd amendment, or the rest of the bill of rights. The constitution states clearly that congress has no power except in the specific areas it was delegated the power. Firearms, speech, education, etc. ad infinitum, are areas never delegated to congress (hint: it requires an amendment, remember prohibition?). 95% of federal legislation is patently unconstitutional.

And don't give me that crap about regulating interstate commerce. Biggest screw-up by far of the founders (I believe the idea was to keep the states from tariffing each other into gridlock; why didn't they just ban them, and leave it at that?)

Of course, all interpretation of any law is ridiculously expansive as far as government powers go, and as narrow as possible as far as citizens' rights go.

But the 2nd amendment ultimately means nothing. If the citizenry allows themselves to be slowly taken over by a dictatorship—and we're more than half way there—I guarantee that the government will take your guns when they feel the need, regardless of any constitution, judgement, or law.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hamilton Income Tax Department sucks

Bastards. My daughter had Hamilton city income tax withheld because her mailing address says Hamilton, although it's actually outside the city limits. For a very good reason... the city is steaming pile of crap in every way. Anyway, the stupid employer withheld the income tax for Hamilton. So she files a return requesting that it be refunded, as she neither lives nor works there, nor ever will. Three weeks later, she gets a short and curt form letter that says:

Dear Taxpayer:

An audit of your Hamilton city income tax account indicates that the return for 2006 is incomplete as submitted. The information checked below was not included with your return.

__X__ Letter from your employer is needed to verify that you did not live or work in Hamilton, and tax was taken out in error.

The above noted information should be returned to our office within fifteen (15) days along with a copy of this letter. Thank-you for your cooperation.

Sincerely Yours

The Hamilton Tax Office

The original letter stated clearly where she worked, and for whom. Evidently, plain civilians are so untrustworthy that any statement has to be backed up by someone in "authority". Of course, Hamilton won't lift a finger to verify anything themselves, which would be trivial to do. By the way, how in the hell is her employer supposed to "verify" where she lives? Also, since this is a former employer, I can imagine that dealing with this is going to be a low priority. Hopefully, they'll feel a little guilty, since it is their fault this money was withheld in the first place. Yes, of course we should have noticed it as well, so I do accept the blame for that.

But it is just galling to get this rude statement from some city bureaucrat toady that just flat out says we don't trust anything you say, sucker. You're just a no-account taxpayer.