Monday, February 12, 2007

Quicken is trying to ruin my life

I am very quickly losing confidence in Quicken. It seems to be riddled with bugs and design flaws. Starting in 1999, I've used Quicken 1999, upgraded to Quicken 2002, then was forced to upgrade to Quicken 2005.

It constantly guesses wrong on reconcile dates. It constantly guesses wrong on transactions to reconcile. It constantly asks stupid questions, like "Do ou want to reconcile this account?" when I'm trying to pay the bill; immediately after I reconciled the account.

Now, most disturbingly, it refuses to purge old transactions, even though it says that its "year-end copy" was successful. It creates an archive OK, but the current file still contains everything all the way back to 1999. I am trying this because I swear that transactions and reconciliations are occasionally disappearing.

I think I'm going to have to deal with the devil and switch to MS Money. I'm really afraid I'm going to fire up Quicken one day and find that everything is gone, and the backups can't be used either.


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