Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Uniden: A world without sense

Well, the battery on my Uniden cordless phone is getting flaky. I've had this phone for about a year and a half, so that's fairly normal. Normally, I just find a battery that looks like it will fit, and so far, I've done OK. But I thought I'd see if I couldn't get them cheaper online. I searched for them on Amazon, and as usual, wasted a lot of time on the online version of poking through a giant box of junk. For some reason, Amazon cannot categorize electronc stuff properly at all. No matter what I search for, it shows me hundreds of products, and not one of ten is what I searched for. Amazon's web site is so busy trying to tell me what to buy, and it ought to let me tell it what I want to buy. Unless you're looking for a specific CD, DVD, or book, and know its title, good luck.

Anyway, there's no clues on the phone or battery about model numbers. Fortunately, I found the manual, which does have them. The phone is DXI 5186-2, the battery is BT-800. The manual says I should go to to order a new battery. Well, OK, that's worth a shot. Uniden's wesite is a typical bleak corporate propaganda, and primitive online store. I searched and clicked and looked, but Uniden's website says neither my phone nor the battery exist. Great job. Of course, a Google search turns up dozens of places eager to sell me batteries, and eventually I found one that had a reasonable price, and didn't gouge me on shipping. is the winner, and their site also has searches that work!

Next time I buy anything electronic, I'm checking the manufacturer's website to see if they know they make it. If they don't, forget it.


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