Sunday, July 23, 2006

Stupid grocery tricks

In an attempt to make stupid age restrictions on alcohol and tobacco sales even stupider, biggs has come with a few great ideas.

First, I asked for a pack of cigarettes at the customer service counter. Well, I can't have them unless I pay for them right then, or I'm fixing to go to the checkout. Neither of those was workable for me, so I resumed my shopping, figuring I'd probably forget about them when I did get to a checkout. I was right. So I had to go to another store after I got home.

Second, because the checkout chick was a few weeks shy of being 19 years old, Ohio says she can't sell beer and alcohol. WTF not? How is the passing of beer or wine going to corrupt this poor young person? And if she can't drink until she's 21, why can she "sell" it at 19? Well, the store policy is the customer should swing the beer or wine over the scanner. WTF is that? Am I selling the beer to myself now? How come I don't pay myself? If I knew how to do it, I'd turn the store in to the authorities just because of their brain-dead policy. Do they really think that having the customer pass the six-pack over the scanner that they're avoiding the intent of the law (stupid as it is)?

I wonder if any consideration is given to making law that is equitable, fair, and just. Or is it just a con game to satisfy idiots who whine and bleat about underage drinking; who think anything can be cured just by outlawing it.


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