Monday, July 31, 2006

GoldenRule: The World's Stupidest Insurance Company

I'm wondering today why GoldenRuleInsurance company pretends to be selling individual medical insurance. I went to their nice website, entered some preliminary information, and they go to a page where I can look at quotes for a variety of different coverage options. I selected the one I liked the best, and clicked the "Review and Apply" button. The next form requires me to register a username and password. With typical userid and password fields. However, there's also a field for "Broker ID". WTF is that? Well, you'll never find out from the website, as I searched for 15 minutes for a clue. There is no help, no explanation, no anything. Then I search another 10 minutes trying to find a phone number. Way back on the very 1st page, there's a "Contact Us" link. Aha! After specifying that I'm still in Ohio, it gave me office addresses and phone numbers. So, I call up the Dayton office. A receptionist answers the phone, who can barely make herself heard. She asks how to direct my call. I say I want to apply online for their insurance, but it's asking for a broker id. She asks if I'm trying to enroll during some open-enrollment period. I repeat myself. She has no clue what I'm talking about, so I give up on GoldenRule. I wonder how this company does any business. They've made it absolutely impossible for me, a willing buyer, to communicate with them in any way. Great job, dumbshits.

This means I have to go back to Anthem, which may have the worst customer service of any insurance company in the world.


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