Monday, April 17, 2006

Scorpion: Female Prisoner Cage #41

I just watched this on DVD (which IMDB doesn't seem to know is available) as I've become a big fan of Kaji Meiko. I enjoyed Lady Snowblood, and the first movie in the "prison" series. But this movie is a hack job. There is no sensible plot, the editing is beyond shoddy, and the acting consists almost entirely of staring (by Kaji), or hysterical screaming (by everyone else). There are apparently a few "dream" sequences that suddenly appear early in the movie without any obvious connection to the story. Once, the scenery changes from rocks and dirt, to leafy greenery, to red leaves in the course of about 30 seconds.

There's not a shred of explanation given why the warden hates the main character enough to abuse her so much. Nothing about why the other prisoners hang out with her, but seem to hate her too. Kaji's character says her first line at about 80 minutes into the movie, and her last line at 81 minutes. Not counting the soundtrack, which she sings most of.

I didn't expect much from a cheap women-in-prison exploitation flick, but this film would barely be a passable effort by a high-school film class, and is a complete waste of Kaji-san's talent.


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