Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Adobe Sucks

Well, maybe the whole company doesn't. They do have some famous software. But Acrobat 7 is getting to be more of pain in the ass than it's worth, even for free. For the umpteenth time, it hassled me to let it upgrade itself, to 7.0.7, I think. You'd think after six prior versions, they would be close to having it perfect by now. I don't know what version number games they may have played, though. Anyway, after letting it do its thing, it says I have to reboot. WTF! A friggin' document viewer needs a reboot? That's a load of crap. They're probably lying, but if true, it smacks of seriously screwed up design.

Well, a few hours later, Norton Virus wants to update itself. (And Windows did earlier today, too... does everybody jump in on the second Tuesday of the month?). And it requires a reboot. I can see why it might have hooks in the kernel, so I go ahead and reboot. I figured I might be getting two for one anyway. But after logging in, Acrobat pops up saying I need to reboot again so it can finish its updates. How about NO! How about I go back to say, version 4 or 5, which didn't bother me all the friggin' time. They seemed to show all the PDFs I looked at without any problems, and I sure don't recall any new features showing up... um, ever!

Well hell, I'll probably just let it lie. It seems to still work just fine. Just another case of why software "engineers" should be licensed like real engineers. It might cut down on the stupid crap we have to put up with.

Believe me, there are plenty of people making good money as developers who have no business anywhere near a computer other than to play solitaire. That's really aggravating, as I'm presently still unemployed.


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