Tuesday, January 17, 2006

King W

I can't see how we can keep on invoking the metaphor of Caesar crossing the Rubicon—it seems there are many Rubicons to cross these days in our country. But now, we have our semi-elected ruler essentially declaring himself Dictator, at least for the duration of the so-called War on Terror. Which, of course, will likely never end.

Crossing this Rubicon, El Presidente, the Commander in Chief, by virtue of a possibly stolen election, declares he no longer needs to observe any law whatsoever. He is the law, and if he determines something should be done, it will be done. Also, nearly everything done needs to be classified.

Somehow, word got out that Bush ordered the NSA to wiretap and monitor various forms of communication, without obtaining the required approval of the FISA secret court. This makes virtually no sense. The FISA court has reportedly approved 99.8% of all requests made, and the requests can be filed for quite a while after the monitoring is started. What is gained by deliberately, and wantonly violating this law? The typical thing to do would be to merely fudge the “evidence” on a monitoring request. Obviously the risk of being denied is small. So, WTF?

I can only surmise that the dictatorial party wants Congress to understand that they're the bitch now. They can spread the pork, and spend the money, and enjoy the life of the Whores of Babylon that they generally have. But they're now to understand that they have no business attempting to limit the executive branch in any way, any longer.

If you were instituting a dictatorship, what would you do differently?


At 31 January, 2006 07:53, Blogger Old Cranky Redneck said...

Charlie Reese (a very smart guy) agrees with me.


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